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Giant Leap Forward

LIVE from Charlotte, It’s Wednesday Morning! *insert jazz music*

So, this is a good news / bad news thing. My right heart cath went really well yesterday. Yay!  But, they admitted me to the hospital. Boo! Apparently, really low cardiac index is frowned upon in this establishment. Before you start Googling that let me explain… the right heart catheterization was to measure more directly how well my heart is working as a pump. My numbers were pretty bad and they whisked me off to cardiac ICU. Most likely they will keep me here until they can find a suitable heart for transplant. Right now I have several IV medications and lines going with lots of beeping monitors.  

Obviously being in ICU for weeks will not be fun but I would not move up on the transplant list until I was sick enough to be in ICU. Surprise! We’re here! We’ve pretty much been told that people who are waiting at home don’t get hearts. What they measured yesterday will move me up on the list.

For now, they are restricting my visitors and maybe somewhere down the road that will change once my body adjusts to all that is happening. But for now, blog comments and messages are the way to go.

❤️ Elise

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