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An Amazing Day

Elise’s mom here…         What an amazing day!

If you follow this blog, then you already know that yesterday morning Elise got the call that a heart had been found for her. It was a long day of ‘hurry up and wait’ but so worth the amazing outcome. Tests, labs, new medications, visits from many doctors, texts with family not here, hugs from nurses that have been so amazing to Sweet Girl and important airport runs. We hugged her one last time as they wheeled her to the OR. Then we waited some more...


Her surgery finished at midnight, followed by a move to Cardio-Thoracic ICU. She is doing as well as can be expected for all that she has been through. She’s not awake and has tons of lines, drips, a ventilator, chest tubes, wound vacs, monitors and constant staff by her bedside.


It was a day of tears and laughter, a wee bit of anxiety and tremendous joy. But even as our family is rejoicing in renewed hope for Elise, we know it comes with another family’s great sadness. A family that is descending into the kind of grief that knocks you to your knees and makes it hurt to breathe. Yet in their despair they chose life. The gift of a heart to someone they don’t even know. Their person’s heart given to someone else, who has family, friends and coworkers who love her dearly. We pray for peace for Elise’s donor family and want them to know how grateful we are for their ultimate, selfless act. What an amazing choice, an amazing gift, an amazing day.

❤️ - Karyn


P.S. The morning of surgery Elise told me that one of her most cherished Christmas anthems was in her head. What a wonderful thing!

Candle light, angel light, firelight and star-glow… Gloria, gloria in excelsis Deo!

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