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97, 98, 99...

HEART! This is not a drill! I thought I would be writing a first draft of my 100th day post (which is tomorrow), but instead WE'RE DOING THIS!

At 6 this morning my night nurse Carin brought me her Charge Nurse cell phone and a voice told me they found a good match for me and they thought they would start surgery around 1pm. (Well, she nicely introduced herself and I couldn't even remember after the fact who I talked to.) I'm not sure they could have picked a better day since Sam and Tyler are flying in this afternoon and if things go smoothly I should be getting out of surgery around the time she's able to get to the hospital. As I type this, Josh is on his way here from his hotel room in Charlotte, much more awake than he was 15 minutes ago. Mom is possibly crying as she drives down from Newton. And Sam is probably not going back to sleep tonight, even though it was 4am her time when I called.

Request: Please don't hound my Mom, Josh, and Sam with questions. I will update on social media this morning as I can and have given strict instructions to my family to have someone update this blog as soon as I'm out of surgery and in an ICU room.

Immediately they made me NPO, which means nothing to eat or drink. My nurses have already been in and out with hugs and tears and blessings for me. And we haven't even gotten to tell all the Day Shift nurses yet. I already got a COVID test. Soon they'll send someone up to draw liters of labs to rerun every test I've ever already had run, to double check all of it. They'll send someone from x-ray to get a final picture. I haven't heard yet what they'll do with my drips (epinephrine and milrinone), I'm assuming I'll stay on them until much closer to Go Time.

I'll try to keep posting updates as things happen, but I will respect my family's privacy since for the next few days it's going to be their show and they deserve all the privacy I can give them while we DO THIS THING!

(In other news, here's what I WAS going to show you all on Day 100 and as a Merry Christmas post:)

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