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Mom here.... Thoughts on New Heart Day 1

HER BLOOD PRESSURE IS NORMAL. Literally the first thing we each noticed this morning. The second was how sweetly excited she was (read: teary) when she started waking up and we told her she has a new heart. Third, how great her skin color is.

Elise is doing well and her doctors are pleased with where she is tonight. She remains on the ventilator and heavily sedated to keep her from moving but does wake up some and is trying to use sign language to ask us questions. She greets new staff coming into her room with a wave and signs 'thank you' as they are getting ready to leave.

Amazed by the texts, messages and comments of love and support from friends near and far, even ones on other continents. Thank you! Please forgive us if we do not answer each and every one. Our time is dedicated to her, looking at her thinking WOW! We have this blown away feeling that less than 48 hours ago we didn't know any of this was going to happen.

Tonight we hope to sleep (!) and get ready for tomorrow's new steps forward.

❤️ -Karyn

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